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Love knows no limit
Love knows no bounds
Love writes Its name upon your Heart
Love leaves Its footprint upon your Soul

There comes a time; a time when for just one mystical moment, you are the most important person on the World

There comes a time; a time when for just one mystical moment, all eyes turn upon you; when your heart flutters with delight

There comes a time; a time when you take the hands of the one you love and before your family and friends, make your personal vows of commitment and honour to that one, special, someone

There comes a time; a time for me to help create a personal Ceremony reflecting your inmost thoughts; reflecting your Spiritual beliefs without the restricting confines of a formal Religious Service or reflecting your more Secular requirements, far away from the sterile environs of The Register Office

There comes a time; a time for me to help you weave the magic of your most potent and romantic dreams for this special day which will change your life irrevocably

Why then restrict yourself? Take flight, for when your Heart is the Temple of your Love, the World becomes your Oyster. Celebrate your union with your one special someone, with those who come to celebrate with you; perhaps in Woodland or by Shore, perhaps upon Water or within Castle or perhaps at a Sacred Site.

As an Independent Celebrant, of Shamanic tradition, I cannot forge a legally binding contract of marriage, but I am able to create a deeply personal Ceremony for the mutual exchanging of your solemn vows to remain faithful to the one you love. You will need to contact your local Register Office to discuss the formally of the Marriage Contract prior to celebrating your loving commitment by the vows I prepare and of which you approve.

Wherever and however, you choose to express your loving commitment, it will be my privilege to create a deeply personal, bespoke Ceremony which is yours and yours alone; a Ceremony respecting your personal beliefs and social requirements.

© Shirley Mear Philosophy taken from The Tribe of The Standing Bear

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