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Love holds fast upon slender threads

Love holds fast with endless patience

Love is strong as tempered steel

Love is fragile yet never broken

Do you look upon the face of the one you love and see there reflected the years-gone-by; tracing their dance to the rhythm of life’s Drum in every line and in the depth of the eye?

Do you look upon the face of the one you love and see there reflected every joy, every sorrow shared by you in the mingling of Life’s Lessons upon this Pathway of Life?

You have come thus far together; united by your knowing something of the height, the depth, the breadth and the true value of Love so that now, together, you wish to proclaim once again, this is my one true love with whom I am complete.

Whether yours is a union of many, or a few years; whether you feel you have been tried and tested together as one, by personal hardship; whether you simply wish to rejoice in, and re-live, that special day when you were joined together upon Life’s Journey, allow me to help you create a deeply personal Ceremony for the Renewal of your Vows once again affirming your commitment to, and love for, one another. Why not consider Handfasting, to add that something extra to a joyous and memorable occasion?

© Shirley Mear Philosophy taken from The Tribe of The Standing Bear

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