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Love finds a home in the heart of the free

Love finds a home in the hope of the future

Love finds a home in the happiness of a Child

Love comes home with the Naming

Our Names are our identities by which we are known, remembered and held within the memory of those who love and support us as we Journey the Pathways of our Life. By the giving of a name to your little one, you create the first link in the chain of wonderment which will shape his or her identity and, in part, personality.

I can help you to create a Ceremony reflecting the importance of the gifting of the Name, either in a secular or Humanist way, or a deeply Spiritual, yet non-religious, service.

I am able to offer a Naming Ceremony of Shamanic tradition; from the centre of a Sacred Circle we will call upon The Unified Divine Creator from the four quarters (or points of the compass) within the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air; together we will call upon your little one’s Ancestors that They might also take up their place at his or her side and together we will call upon The Great Star Children of The Great Star Nations to bless the Pathways. You will take your solemn Vows to care for your little one following which you will call upon three Wisemen and Women to take their Vows of assistance for you with that care. We will place the feet of your little one upon the Earth that he or she might feel the Heartbeat of the Life Force of All Living Things to which we are all connected so that he or she should remain grounded in this Physical life before we turn that precious face towards the Skies that he or she will know The Realms Spiritual keep watch and guidance over the Journey which is just beginning

Together we will honour the Sacred Cord which is symbolic of the Umbilical Cord of our Very Own Soul by which we remain attached to the Eternal Light of Love of The Realms Spiritual. By this Cord, our Very Own Soul, we all remain fed by, and attached to, The Divine Light until we return once more to the True Homeland of our Hearts within the Eternal Vibration of Love which is The Unified Divine, Great Father-Protector-Mother-Provider

Following the Naming of our little Brother or Sister of the Soul, we will rejoice with the breaking of cake and sharing of ale before you symbolically cross the waters of life with your little one; passing together from one stage of this life into another, washing yourselves clean of fear and oppression as you do so

© Shirley Mear Philosophy taken from The Tribe of The Standing Bear

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