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Love knows no boundary; It will not be confined
Love knows no passage of time; It will not be measured
Love knows no diminishing; It grows ever stronger
Love knows no severance; It reaches out, uniting Worlds

From out of the Mists of our Elder Days, and from the Ancient Knowing, comes the Shamanic Ceremony of Handfasting given to us by our Ancestors who acknowledged the Binding Cords of Eternal Light and Love uniting as one; connected and threaded upon The Web Life we are inexorably woven into the One True Soul of our Unified Divine Creator.

As founder of The Lodge of the Seven Stars, it is my privilege to work as a Deep Trance Medium Scribing Shamanic Philosophy directly from The Realms Spiritual. In accordance with the Teachings given to me by The Tribe of the Standing Bear, I am able to create a unique Shamanic Ceremony for you to exchange your Vows of Committed Love one to the other in the Sight of The Unified Divine and before your family and friends who have come to witness your union and to rejoice with you.

Whilst this Ceremony is not legally binding under the Law of Man, the vows you will take are binding by the Laws of The Unified Cosmos within the Vibration of The Unified Divine Creator and should not be entered into without full understanding and respect.

The Handfasting Cord binding you to your loved one, ties you together upon this Earth-Walk, creating one life from two so that you will walk the Earth-Pathways with mutual respect and care. It is also a Spiritual symbol reminding you of The Umbilical Cord binding you to our Divine Unified Creator, to our Great Father-Protector and to our Great Mother-Provider. Through this Umbilical Cord we remain fed by The Eternal Light and Love of The Divine for this Umbilical Cord is our Very Own Soul by which we form The One True Soul of the Divine.

Therefore Handfasting connects you to The Divine, in recognition of your Spiritual Union within The One True Soul as well as connecting you to the one you love, both Spiritually and Physically by the taking of solemn Vows.

During the Handfasting Ceremony you will call upon The Divine, and your Wiseman or Wisewoman, in the East, South, West and North to witness your commitment from the Centre of your Sacred Circle; you will call upon The Divine for blessings and understanding and as you make your Vows before the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air Who will also combine Their Sacred Energies to bless your union and reveal your Pathways.

You are able to Handfast for one year and a day, a commitment which can be renewed as many times as you wish, or if you are firm in your resolution, you can Handfast for Life. For those with a deeper Spiritual Awareness of the import and consequence of such an action, Handfasting can be Eternal, binding Soul to Soul not only for this life, but for all Life Journeys you will make throughout the vastness of the Soul’s Eternal Quest for Enlightenment.

Another tradition is that of ‘jumping the broom’ signifying your moving from one stage of life into another. As Shaman, I prefer to offer the stepping over of water to signify the washing of Body and Soul from old ways to new, as Water is the portal through which Spirit can easily pass from One Realm to Another. So it is that by the taking of Solemn Vows of Fealty one to the other, your Spirit and the Spirit of the One you love, pass through the Portal of Change together into the Realm of your new life.

The Ceremony concludes in Rejoicing and in the sharing of Ale and Cake that good fortune and a laden table should always grace your home together

© Shirley Mear Philosophy taken from The Tribe of The Standing Bear

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