divorce and separation

Love abounds where anger is assuaged

Love flourishes where forgiveness is formed

Love cannot be destroyed by doubt

Love cannot be denied

For you, who have come to the ending of a Journey; for you, who wish to move forward either with confidence in yourself, or at the side of a newfound love, I can help prepare a Ceremony to meet your needs

Perhaps you wish to rejoice with family and friends that you have overcome and succeeded against heartache and loss? I can offer either a Spiritual, secular or humanist Ceremony of Uplifting Hope for the Future helping you to draw a line under the past as you step forward into the future

Perhaps you stand in need of Healing and Release? I can offer a deeply Spiritual Ceremony of Cleansing which will help you let go feelings of hurt, betrayal, guilt or self-loathing through the Creation of a Healing Circle of Light. You will call upon The Unified Divine from the Four Quarters (compass points) and the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air together with Those of the Realms of your Ancestors who watch over and care for you asking for Healing in all areas of your life. You will ask for renewal of your self-awareness; self-love; self-confidence and self-esteem so that you might Walk the Pathways of your Life owning your self-worth

Hold your Head High and your Heart Healthy as you move into the next phase of your life by crossing the waters of re-birth. Water is the Sacred Portal Between Worlds; by stepping over water, you will be washing yourself clean of all those thoughts which have been creating disappointment within you and replacing them with your own self-belief

© Shirley Mear Philosophy taken from The Tribe of The Standing Bear

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