commitment ceremonies

Love is young; as Spring blossoms above the field

Love is bright; as Summer days of joyful play

Love is warm; as Autumn mellow fruitfulness

Love is constant; as Winter cloaking with stillness

A promise is a promise and you have started the Journey of your lifetime together by the Plighting of your Troth; your commitment to the one you love. Why not celebrate with family and friends the honouring of your commitment with a declaration of your love and ‘setting the date’ for your final Vows. Come together, lift the glass, share the cake and rejoice!

Perhaps you have deeply personal views on committed loyalty and wish to show your respect for tradition, Spiritual belief or social requirement. I am here to listen, to share and help with the creation of a Ceremony of Celebration which will reflect your hopes and aspirations for the future you will share together as one.

© Shirley Mear Philosophy taken from The Tribe of The Standing Bear

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