coming of age ceremonies

Love walks with you along the Pathways of Change

Love walks with you along the Pathways of Growth

Love walks with you along the Pathways of Understanding

Love walks at your side along all Pathways, as one

From out of the Mists of Elder Days and Ancient Knowing; from out the times of our Ancestors comes the concept of acknowledging the transitions of the stages of our lives

As childhood gives way to adolescence; as boys journey into manhood and girls journey into womanhood, we mark their progress and rejoice with them in their new and exciting phase of life carrying with it a tinge of excited fear of the unknown. This is a time of recognition of the need for acceptance of responsibility by our growing loved ones for their actions, beliefs and interaction with others but it is also a time to reassure them that their journey is not one of isolation

In honouring our children becoming adult, I can offer a Ceremony of Loving Light, reaffirming the support offered by you as parents, together with the added support of Wise-men and Wise-women of the young person’s, or your, choosing who make promises to assist in the coming journey. Come together with family and friends so that all might join in the Celebration

Coming of Age can mark, in equal terms, any transition in our lives and is not wholly restrict to our children’s journeys. Ceremonies can also be crafted for those who have, perhaps, survived critical illness or injury; for those who have managed to traverse the Pathways of Grieving a Loved one who has Journeyed on or for those who have had to make drastic changes in their lives when circumstances have forced it upon them. Whatever the cause, whatever the reason, Ceremonies of Freeing can be yours as you move forward in your life

© Shirley Mear Philosophy taken from The Tribe of The Standing Bear

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