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Whatever your needs, the Magic is there for the taking….just Dream your Dream and let MoonWitch create the reality.

Welcome to the Home of MoonWitch Ceremonies dedicated to you by Shirley Mear, as a Wedding Celebrant, in order that you might Create your own personal Moments of Magic by Weaving your Dreams Come True.

There are special times in our lives when we come together with family and friends to Celebrate with Honour all that has been gifted as we reach milestones marking new adventures.

As you step forward, with the one you love at your side, you embark upon a new Journey as one; reinforcing your newfound happiness by the exchanging of Vows of Commitment with this, your Soul-Mate and Fellow-Voyager upon the Seas of Life.

For those seeking a deeply Spiritual experience, which is non-religious, you will be able to exchange Vows of Committed Love during a Shamanic Ceremony born out of the Ancient Knowing which has been passed to us by our Ancestors. With the creation of a Sacred Circle, Shirley will call upon the Elements, from the Four Points of the Compass, and upon the Divine Creator to bring forward The Great Star Children and the Ancestors, that you might make your solemn Vows to be Fasted by the Hand to your Loved one for a year and a day; or for life; or for those with a true awareness, for Eternity. In creating your Ceremony, Shirley, as Shaman, will rely upon the Philosophy given to her as Scribe for The Tribe of The Standing Bear, which marks this particular Ceremony as one strongly linked to the Spirituality of the Elder Days and the Pathways of Shaman.

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For those who are seeking to exchange Vows of Committed Love in a secular or Humanist way, or in a more Traditional Ceremony, your wishes and requirements can be met. Whether you are beginning your Journey of Life with your Loved one following a Legal Marriage, or by the Celebration of a Civil Partnership, MoonWitch will be at hand to help you create and express your inmost feelings.

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MoonWitch Ceremonies, do not begin and end with Vows of Wedding Commitment. Our children are gifted to us to share their joys and their sorrows. We Name our little Loved Ones and within that Name, we hold their identity and every fragment and morsel of our memories with them. We rejoice in holding our new-born; we drink in every sight, sound and smell of them; we delight in a bond of unshakeable love and so as an alternative to a Religious naming, why not consider a Naming Ceremony which is powerfully Spiritual. Once again, following the Pathways of Shaman, your little one can be shown to family and friends within a protected Circle as he or she is presented to the Divine Creator, The Great Star Children and the Ancestors before being gifted with their name, by which they shall be known and held dear in the hearts and minds of those who love them.

For those seeking a more secular or humanist Celebration for the Naming of your loved one, MoonWitch will be on hand to create the Ceremony of your choice.

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MoonWitch Ceremonies will also be there to create Coming of Age Ceremonies which are not limited to milestones marking the transition of childhood into adulthood, but also for those times in life when sorrow has been overcome; when dis-ease has been conquered; when the tender shoots of trust begin to spring out of the soil of heartache. Ceremonies are available for the renewing of old Vows, one with another, as they are for new Vows with oneself, that self-Confidence and self-Assurance might become a part of who you truly are.

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© Shirley Mear Philosophy taken from The Tribe of The Standing Bear

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