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My name is Shirley Mear and I was born in the South of England where I still live with my family and ever faithful dog.

I was, for nearly 43 years a lawyer and over those 43 years, I prepared difficult cases involving contested children’s work; domestic violence and defence of serious crime. Throughout my professional career, I was called upon to engage with clients suffering deep, and sometimes, traumatic distress so that they were unable to articulate the needs, feelings and structure of their case. I drafted statements and affidavits for them which told ‘their story’. Whilst I could never promise the outcome, in that profession, I would be able to promise that their words would be heard, their feelings felt and their opinions offered.

I bring all those skills and years of experience now to the preparation of Ceremonies of Rejoicing as well as for funerals. When you are looking for the words to express your inmost feelings of love, whether for your future spouse, partner or your child, I have tried and tested expertise as an empathetic and understanding wordsmith who can articulate your joy and appreciate of the joyful wonders of your life.

I am able to offer a ‘steady hand at the tiller’ to help steer you across the seas of your excited emotions; placing a hand at ‘the helm’ when needed so that your special day is all you could hope it would be.

I acknowledge and respect the right of everyone to hold a personal faith, or no faith at all and would never seek to impose my personal beliefs upon another.
Today I walk an independent Pathway and my Spiritual faith is just as independent.

I have no conscious awareness of life in this place without the closeness of Spirit and Those Who walk with me. My Spiritual life has grown and expanded beyond the limiting confines of ‘religion’. The words of my faith are written upon my heart, they are not encased in liturgy or dogma.

I have come to honour and respect all faiths and each person’s right to follow where their heart leads, even if it is to a total denial; everyone is equally entitled to their belief.
As my Spiritual Pathway has unfolded, I have become a follower of The Philosophy given to me and have a website dedicated to the teaching given to me

I am committed to offering deeply Spiritual Services and Ceremonies both for those whose pathway does not lie with a set liturgy or dogma but which is more in keeping with the pathway of Shaman or Druid, as well as for those who believe ‘in something’ but are not sure just what it might be. Please rest assured I am as happy to offer services which are secular for those who consider there is no Spiritual Realm at all.

I also offer services and commemorations for those who have passed the threshold

Call on me and I will answer; whatever your needs.

© Shirley Mear Philosophy taken from The Tribe of The Standing Bear

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